Overcoming obstacles

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There will always be obstacles to overcome in life. Personally, I think it’s better to focus on your dreams and your goals rather than obstacles, but we need to be practical. Having goals makes life exciting, as does overcoming obstacles than initially seem totally unsurmountable, we can call it the thrill of overcoming obstacle after obstacle. But, when these obstacles start piling up on you, and you’re just not sure what steps to take next, it can be extremely frustrating. One way to keep your goals in focus and get through some difficult times is by using these tried and tested approaches. Would love to also have your suggestions!

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Life will through many obstacles your way

1. Look out for the collateral beauty

This means there is always something to learn about all experiences, don’t let them sink you and make you bitter and envious and hard. This is the “beautiful” side of collateral damage, meaning the better side of something bad that happened (ala blessing in disguise). There’s a whole movie about this with Kate Winslet, Will Smith, Keira Knightley and so on.

2. Keep a clear mind and be open to a new perspective

Always be ready to receive new ideas. Focus and concentrate. Think in a wide-scale manner and always be open to new options to eliminate the particular obstacle you are currently dealing with.

3. Simulate

Try to picture inside your head a possible solution to help overcome and/or solve the obstacle that’s setting you back. Think what it would look like, feel like, be like to have overcome that obstacle.

4. Ask for support

Ask for help and support! There will be others who have gone through something similar or are professionals knowing what you are trying to achieve. Their suggestions might not necessarily be the exact ones you were hoping to hear, but they may trigger some NEW ideas in finding the right solution to your problem.

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