The Power of Unsticking

The Power of Unsticking

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A Journey to Self-Discovery and Growth

We’ve all been there – feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and uncertain about the next steps in our professional journey. Whether you’re at the peak of your career, reporting directly to the CEO, or in your late 20s navigating the post-graduate world, the feeling of being ‘stuck’ is universal.

But what if I told you that feeling stuck isn’t a dead-end, but rather a signpost pointing towards growth and self-awareness?

In a recent conversation with Tom Pilgrem, my coaching friend, we delved deep into the concept of ‘stuckness’. Tom shared insights on how individuals, regardless of their career stage, often grapple with the same core issue: a lack of self-awareness and clarity. By stepping back, reflecting, and asking the right questions, we can shift our perspective. One powerful question Tom often poses is, “What’s the cost of doing nothing?” This simple yet profound question can jolt us into action, pushing us to make decisions and move forward.

But here’s the fun part: If you were to map out your career highs and lows, what patterns would emerge? What lessons have these experiences taught you? Share your insights in the comments below!

🎥 Watch the full discussion with Tom and dive deeper into the topic on YouTube.

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