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What is the EVOLVE Journey?

Step into the EVOLVE (Explore, Value, Overcome, Learn, Vision, Empower) Journey with Beatrice Redi and transform your life and professional trajectory. This dynamic 10-session personalised coaching program, spanning 12 weeks, is specifically designed for professionals at a crossroads – whether you’re feeling burned out, disengaged or stagnant in your current role, navigating a career transition, or repositioning yourself in the job market.

EVOLVE empowers you to:

    1. Explore (E): Delve deep into your true self, identifying your passions, strengths, unique qualities, and potential.
    2. Value (V): Recognize and cherish your inherent worth. Embrace your uniqueness, developing self-love and appreciation.
    3. Overcome (O): Identify and strategize to overcome obstacles, leveraging core strengths.
    4.  Leverage (L): Mobilize personal and professional resources to maximize potential.
    5.  Visualize (V): Employ the power of imagination to vividly picture your desired outcomes, reinforcing your commitment and motivation to achieve your goals.
    6. Empower (E): Step into your power, managing your energy effectively across four domains: Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. Learn techniques to fuel your energy, avoid depletion, and harness the state of flow for maximum productivity and fulfilment.

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Guided by Beatrice’s extensive corporate experience and empathetic coaching style, the EVOLVE Journey is your pathway to a fulfilling, successful personal and professional life. Embrace this opportunity to accelerate your development and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

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The Evolve Journey


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The Evolve Journey

Embark on a 12-week personalized transformative journey!
  • Explore your values, strengths, beliefs and needs
  • Value yourself and your achievements
  • Overcome your self-sabotaging mechanisms and obstacles
  • Learn and upskill yourself
  • Vision and goal creation
  • Empower yourself to reach for the life you want!

The Evolve Bundle

Get all of the EVOLVE personalised experience plus access to CV Revamp and the Positive Intelligence® Program
  • Embark on a 12- week personalized transformative journey!
  • Get full access to the CV Revamp course!
  • Get full access to the PQ® program!​