My Services Are Tailored to Your Needs

I support clients on a myriad of issues, challenges and blocks. Here’s a flavour:

❤️ Managing career transitions

❤️ Outplacement

❤️ CV Rewrite

❤️ Managing obstacles and setbacks

❤️ Developing self-confidence

❤️ Making choices and decisions

❤️ Upping your game as a positive leader

❤️ Learning to better communicate and influence

❤️ Developing soft skills, empathy and listening

❤️ Managing your emotions

❤️ Achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle

❤️ Cultivating your happiness

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Transitional period

Life is about change, and we are living in a period of humanity which is the transition of all transitions. No doubt you are feeling it too and going through some change right now or maybe even looking for a new challenge. Change can be very difficult for some people, whilst others are more than happy to embrace it. Either way you may feel that having a thinking partner by your side during this transition period is what you need. I’ve been the thinking partner of many people in your situation and this is one of the reasons I love my job: I blend coaching with some mentoring and advisory based on your needs in order to help you transition better and at the pace that’s right for you. The possibilities of what we could do together are endless but if I were to give you a sample, below is what we could do together:

✻ Rediscover your why, your values, and your strengths
✻ Articulate your strengths
✻ Align your unique qualities with whatever is coming next in your life
✻ Develop and manage your self-confidence
✻ Learn to let go what is no longer serving you
✻ Explore and carve out some goals you want and need to achieve
✻ Design a plan to achieve these goals

Do you want to explore how we could work together during your transition period?

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Needing a confidence boost

One of the most common problems clients bring to coaching is a lack of confidence. This feeling may have been building up over time, or it’s something that could be linked to a recent episode (a failure of some sort) or a phase (a bad manager for example). The word “imposter syndrome” comes up for a lot of clients. Together we will work on:

✻ Seeing how limiting beliefs stop you from evolving and reaching your potential
✻ Aligning yourself to your core values, your strengths, and your sense of purpose
✻ Realising how your personal journey has created the unique person you are today
✻ Transforming the way you view yourself
✻ Understanding the conditions you need to flourish
✻ Facilitating positive change for your life

Do you want to explore how we could work together to help boost your confidence?

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Feeling overwhelmed

In today’s world most people feel a constant pressure to deliver, to perform, to do multiple things at the same time, it’s all about doing and having, and the heart of who we are, our essence, seems to just get hijacked, hurt and lost on the way. We may start to feel undervalued. This can lead to anxiety, sleepless nights, irritability and reactive behaviour and sometimes procrastination. The impact is on both personal and professional life, your inner and outer self. If you embark on a coaching journey with me you will uncover what’s triggering your sense of feeling overwhelmed, maybe even confront some of your fears and learn to heal.

✻ Feel more clear on what it is that you can and need to change
✻ Develop coping strategies that work for the unique you and your situation
✻ Gain better clarity on why you have certain thoughts, moods and behaviours
✻ Learn to manage your thoughts, moods and behaviours
✻ Understand how to better manage your energy
✻ Evolve and transform yourself to be happier, healthier and free.

Looking for support to manage your overwhelm?

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Feeling stuck

There comes a time in our lives when we just feel that something needs to change as we would like to progress but we don’t really know what that means or looks like. It often starts with an intuition, a languishing, or simply life is actually making it quite clear, it’s time to change, it’s time to pivot, but you just feel you don’t even know what that means or where to start and it can even seem scary. My blended coaching, mentoring, and advisory has helped many people move forward and to feel so much happier with their lives. Together we can work to:

✻ Gain better clarity and understanding of what is holding you back
✻ Rediscover your core values, your strengths, and your limiting beliefs
✻ Get real about making decisions that are right for you
✻ Challenge unconstructive thoughts and transform them to serve you
✻ Learn how to leverage your unique strengths and passions
✻ Evolve and transform yourself to be happier, healthier, and free.

Do you want to explore how we could work together to help you get unstuck?

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I’m an organization

As an organization, you may be looking to refocus on your leadership and performance and boost corporate happiness. If so, you have come to the right place! To lead at work and in life, at one’s full potential, one must find a significant purpose, use one’s gifts and strengths, and feel connected, valued, and safe. Individuals need the courage and support to take an honest look inside themselves, while their organizations must facilitate their development and motivation.  My positive leadership coaching does just that and is transformative professionally and personally. I partner with sponsors (i.e., organizations) and work on their people individually for one-to-one coaching or as a team using team coaching. Depending on the scope and size of the project, I can either act as an independent contractor or leverage my vetted network of  Executive Coaching, and Consulting firms specialized in leadership development. My geographical coverage can be anything from 1 country to global.

✻  One-to-one-coaching
✻  Team Coaching
✻  Group Coaching
✻  Design & delivery of high-impact workshops
✻  Learning & Development Consulting

B2B Coaching Services in Milano

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Courses & Services tailored for you!

CV Revamp!

Give your CV a makeover with CV Revamp! Discover the magic within your story with this course. Dive deep into your values, skills, and purpose, weaving them into a CV that radiates authenticity. It’s more than just a document; it’s your journey. Let’s make it unforgettable!

What will you get?

✻  Discover your core skills & values
✻  Identify Key Achievements
✻  Find your purpose and your superpowers
✻  Crafting your CV
✻  Drafting your elevator pitch and cover letter

Group Coaching

They say that if you want to go fast, walk alone but if you want to go far, walk together! Experience group coaching sessions that will begin your journey From Surviving to Thriving!

These sessions will be of 60 – 90 mins and involve engaging conversations, interesting discussions with other individuals who also want to being their growth journey.

 Why Group Coaching?

✻ Create a network of trusted individuals
✻ Have people join you on your growth journey
✻ Have a safe space to talk about your experiences 


Want to know more about Group Coaching?

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Stop Self Sabotage

As part of a worldwide community inspired by Shirzad Chamine’s groundbreaking work, I help you confront and overcome the inner Saboteurs that hinder your potential.

Dive into the world of PQ® with me and uncover the hidden forces of self-sabotage.

By taking the PQ® Saboteurs Assessment, you’ll gain insight into the mental traps that limit your success and happiness.

 Understanding your Saboteurs is the first step towards meaningful change.


The Evolve Journey!

Embark on the EVOLVE Journey with Beatrice Redi – a transformative coaching experience designed to unlock your full potential. 

EVOLVE is more than a coaching journey; it’s a roadmap to self-awareness and personal empowerment. Discover your strengths, align your values, and redefine your goals.

Beatrice, leveraging her 28 years of corporate experience guides you through a personalized process that nurtures confidence, clarity, and the courage to embrace your true self.

Join the EVOLVE Journey today and transform the way you perceive yourself and your world. Begin your transformative journey towards a more fulfilled and authentic

Do you wish to discover the evolve journey?

Pricing Plan

CV Revamp

Revitalize your professional image!
  • Discover your skills!
  • Identify key achievements!
  • Craft your new CV!

The Evolve Journey

Embark on a 12-week transformative journey!
  • Dsicover and Leverage your Strengths!
  • Smash your Professional Goals!
  • Build Resilience & Navigate Change!

Stop Self Sabotage

Begin your PQ® Journey today!
  • Get to know your saboteurs!
  • Cultivate a powerful mindset!
  • Uncover the Sage perspective!

Group Coaching

Monthly Subscription for Weekly Session
125 Monthly
  • Collaborate, learn, and grow with peers!
  • Have your own safe space!
  • Indulge in meaningful conversations!

Group Coaching

Pay Per Session
65 One Time
  • Collaborate, learn, and grow with peers!
  • Have your own safe space!
  • Indulge in meaningful conversations!

Explore Bundles - Get the Best Value!

The PQ® Bundle

Stop Self Sabotage + CV Revamp
  • Get full access to the PQ® program!​
  • Gain access to the CV Revamp course!​

The Evolve Bundle

Get the Best of All Worlds!
  • Get Access to the CV Revamp course!
  • Get full access to the PQ® program!​
  • Embark on a 12- week transformation journey!

The CV Bundle

CV Revamp + 1 Coaching Session
  • Gain access to the CV Revamp Course!
  • Book a session with Beatrice!

Want to begin with a single coaching session?

90 mins
Coaching Session

  • Deep dive into your aspirations and challenges!
  • Perfect for strategizing, breakthroughs, and targeted support!
  • Navigate complex situations with clarity and confidence!

60 mins
Coaching Session

  • Accelerate your growth with a quick coaching session!
  • Impactful way to refine your strategies, gain insights!
  • Great way to keep your progress in track!