Here you will find tools to understand yourself and the world better! The first step is to understand yourself better by becoming self-aware and then you will be able to better understand others and how to make a Positive Impact. Dive In! 



Discover your Positive Intelligence PQ® Score!

PQ measures your mental fitness. Find out the percentage of time that your mind is acting as your friend and the percentage it acts like your enemy. With this test, you can understand your mental fitness level by measuring the strength of your positive and negative mental muscles.

State of the Global Workplace Report 2023 by Gallup

State of Global Workplace Report by Gallup
Image Courtesy - Gallup

Every year Gallup publishes the State of Global Workplace Report that serves as the voice of the global employees. 

This report examines the global rise in employees thriving at work, while stress remains high

Find out your Self Sabotaging Mechanisms!

Stop Self Sabotage - Positive Intelligence Program

Did you know? There are 10 saboteurs who are responsible for hijacking your mind and causing setbacks in your life. The Judge is the Universal Saboteur, and he has 9 accomplices…..

By taking this test, find out which saboteur is the most active in your mind…

World Happiness Report 2024 by Gallup

World Happiness Report by Gallup 2024
Image Courtesy - Gallup

Every year Gallup publishes the World Happiness Report that understands the factors that contribute to human wellbeing, happiness ratings of many countries and why is it important to measure happiness.

Find out your Strengths and Weaknesses

In the long quest to find your purpose in life, there are two invaluable things that will always come in handy; knowing your strengths and your values. When you know your strengths and values, it becomes easier for you to find work and activities that have meaning for you and connect you to your soul. 


The Wellbeing Research Centre at the University of Oxford and founding member Indeed have curated a playbook that categorizes workplace wellbeing interventions into 12 key drivers. This “menu” can help business leaders craft holistic employee wellbeing strategies for the organization.