The time has come to try something different! Let me be your guide to a flourishing you.

The time has come to try something different! Let me be your guide to a flourishing you.

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Have we actually met?

Hello! You may have been reading me for a while but have we actually ever been introduced? I’ll go first but I would love for you to do the same, in the comments below or if you are a bit of an introvert, then you can also just DM Me!!

I’m Beatrice, a true Divergent at heart, expertly weaving the transformative magic of coaching with the practical wisdom of mentoring, all while infusing the joy of a Chief Happiness Officer into the serious business of life.

COVID lockdown and the months that followed were my crucible of change. As a working mom in Italy, I had a hard time. I was working from my bedroom, with young bored children at home and no help for months. I was working “Globally” yet “Remotely” and most of the people I had the pleasure of interacting with were still pretty much going about their normal lives, whilst we were unable to go to the office, or even outside the house. Total isolation… I left the house the first time after 2 months and my gosh was my heart pounding. Was the police going to stop me and ask for my papers? Was I going to be fined for breaking the law? That experience crystallized my desire to not waste any more of my time in this life and so that’s when I started to look for ways to pivot. I invested so much money and time and energy into forging my own path. When I finally became clear that I was to embrace my love of empowering people to adapt, evolve, and flourish I started to bloom myself. My journey was strewn with challenges, but it’s in the weaving through the unpredictable that I found my calling. Today, I am wholeheartedly devoted to guiding souls like you towards enhanced self-awareness and purposeful living.

From leading executives to nurturing the growth of entrepreneurs, consultants, physicians, scientists, patients, and students worldwide, my coaching transcends boundaries. I lead positive leadership workshops, contribute to leadership development courses, and specialize in self-awareness, soft skills, emotional intelligence, and cultural dynamics.

Diverse Background, Global Perspective

My tapestry of life is dyed with the hues of five countries by the tender age of 21, blessing me with cultural intelligence that has only deepened with time. My home is Milan, where I revel in the chaos and charm of family life with my vibrant children and beloved pet Mimi.

Core Values: My Compass

Love, Gratitude, Curiosity, Kindness, and an Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence guide my every step, ensuring that my approach remains heart-centered and genuine.

A Rich Corporate Tapestry

Before embarking on this coaching odyssey, I navigated through 28 years in the Pharmaceutical sector, leaving imprints at MSD, Gilead Sciences, Rottapharm, and more. My commercial leadership journey is chronicled on LinkedIn, where my history and credentials live. I can say I’ve been in the trenches, and know what it feels like. There’s no pulling the hoodie over my eyes.

Academic Foundations and Continuous Growth

A BA from King’s College and an MBA from SDA Bocconi laid the groundwork for a life of leadership and continuous self-reinvention. INSEAD’s “Leading in a Transforming World” certification was a beacon of light, illuminating my way through Change Management, Design Thinking, and Strategy in our digital epoch. But it was my certification to become a fully-fledged professional coach and a chief happiness officer that got my heart soaring.

My Purpose: Bridging Gaps, Unlocking Potential

The chasm between potential and performance in corporate landscapes spurred my mission. I have witnessed the dormant talents and untapped potential—my resolve is to awaken, nurture, and leverage these through the principles of positive psychology. I aim for a world where everyone feels valued, invigorated, and integrated into a thriving work culture.

As a seasoned leader, mentor, woman, and mother, I am called to elevate others, especially women, to greater heights. Like a navigator of many seas, I use my rich reservoir of experience to guide you through your unique life voyage.

EVOLVE: Your Journey to Self-Rediscovery

After seeing to more than 50 personal clients through personalised and customised coaching I have designed a transformational journey that touches up the milestones almost everyone looking to transform needs to go through and I have called it EVOLVE. EVOLE is your gateway to self-awareness, confidence, and goal achievement. It’s about reconnecting with your essence, appreciating your journey, and charting a course towards a life brimming with happiness and meaning. Are you still sceptical? Check out the real testimonials.

If you want to accelerate your process to wherever you are headed this is your call to reach out. If you have no idea where you are going, this is also your call to action. I’m here, ready to be the wind in your sails, guiding you to the destination you not only seek but truly deserve and crave. What have you got to lose? I’m offering you a FREE discovery call. Try me. I can guarantee it will help you regardless of whether you decide to work with me.

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