Be yourself

Be yourself

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Here are some top tips: Pay attention to the things that you are good at! That way you can define and embrace your strengths as they are one of the most energizing ways that you can tap into your authenticity. Explore your values as these will act as a guiding light for you when you are confronted with tough decisions. Take stock of the fact that we have external and internal influences in our lives, that motivate us but that also can limit us. Learn to recognize and name what you are feeling. Did you know that there are more than 34,000 emotions? Practicing mindfulness has been scientifically proven to make you more resilient. Don’t forget to nurture your relationships with the people that make you feel good and that inspire you, and know that when you are ready you can face your fears so as not to let things get in the way of what you really want out of this life. Authenticity takes practice, you need to actually make an intentional habit of developing it. Investing in coaching is a great way to give you that kickstart.

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