Il triangolo delle convinzioni incrollabili

Il triangolo delle convinzioni incrollabili

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The unshakeable belief triangle is a framework I learned through one of my certifications. Here, I’d like to share a secret that you can also use to achieve success. This principle forms the core of my coaching approach. I firmly believe it can bring about transformations in your personal and professional life.

The Significance of having Unshakeable Belief

When we ponder what propels us towards success, we often emphasize factors such as skills, experience and opportunities. However what if I shared that the true key to success resides within ourselves? It’s the belief we hold in our abilities and potential.

This belief transcends confidence; it entails steadfast faith in our capabilities. It’s that inner voice assuring us that we are capable of learning and growing when faced with challenges. This voice distinguishes those who forge ahead from those hindered by doubt and fear.

The Triad of Achievement

So, how do we nurture this belief? It can be deconstructed into three elements;

1) Self-understanding and Self-Awareness: Grasping your strengths, values, your personal experiences that have made you the person you are today, what is really important for you and your purpose in this life is pivotal for establishing a solid groundwork of self-confidence.

2) By understanding point 1) we finally start to grasp how we are unique. Allow those qualities to shimmer.

3) Positive Mindset: Our thoughts greatly influence our actions and results. By embracing an attitude of “I can do learn from this”, we can view challenges as chances for growth and motivate ourselves to reach new goals.

4) Resilience: Life presents us with obstacles and setbacks. How we react to them is crucial. By cultivating resilience, we can bounce back from adversity and continue moving forward even during tough times.

Putting it into Action

So, how can you incorporate the unshakeable belief triangle into your life? Here are some approaches that have proven effective for me and my clients;

1) Have a Result in mind you want to achieve

2) Know that the quality of the result you will achieve will depend on 2 main components 1) The Actions you take 2) The Mindset you have. The sam exact Actions with the wrong Mindset will not get you the quality result you seek!! Of course also vice-versa it’s true. You can have the most wonderful Mindset and dreams, but unless you put it into Action, you ain’t gonna reach your Result!!

3) Your Actions and Mindset are informed by your VOB: Your Views of the world, your Opinions and Beliefs….. This is a great to flush out any LIMITING beliefs you may be having that are blocking you.

4) Why you want to achieve that Result? Knowing your Why gives you that confidence to go for it also when the going gets tough!!! Know and remember your WHY!! And “I want to get rich” is not a WHY. … (

5) Practice Positive Self-Talk. Be mindful of your conversations and replace thoughts with affirmations of positivity. Simply telling yourself, “I’ve got this, ” can make a difference. Transforming “Negative Automatic Thoughts” (NATs) into “Positive Empowering Thoughts” (PETs) takes practice!

6) Embrace Setbacks: When things don’t go according to plan, see it as an opportunity for learning and development. Remember that each setback brings you closer, to success.

The unshakeable belief triangle serves as an asset in reaching success. Through nurturing self-awareness, maintaining a mindset, and building resilience, we can unleash our capabilities. Attain our aspirations. When encountering obstacles always bear in mind that the key to triumph resides within oneself. Have faith in your abilities and in your capacity to grow, learn and adapt. You will be pleasantly surprised by your achievements. 

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