It’s partnering with clients in a collaborative, thought-provoking, creative process that helps to unlock personal and professional potential. It brings about change through inquiry, reflection, choice and new behaviours. The client is Creative, Resourceful and Whole and the coach helps the coachee to leverage that.

It’s focused on creating a paradigm shift. Your self-awareness will increase, the way you see yourself and the world will shift and you will
be able to positively evolve.

They are different yet there is also very much a “grey” area where they meet. To put it simply, in Therapy there is a patient that needs support with an emotional issue usually relating to past trauma, whilst in coaching there is a client (not a patient) that is seeking intentional change and is future focused. Both approaches will work on increasing self-awareness.

The mentor has more experience than the client and uses that experience to provoke and guide.

There are various schools of thought, but for me the main difference is that counselling is very much focused on the present as opposed to the future.

This is entirely up to you. From my experience, I see that initially, clients find it most beneficial to have a session every week, for 60 or 90 minutes.

Sessions are usually done virtually via Zoom video call. If you have a preference for another platform that can also be discussed. I also coach from my studio in Milan. Alternatively, it’s also possible to coach and be coached whilst going for a walk, or whilst being out in nature. It’s not possible to be coached as you are doing something else, like cooking, driving, or doing laundry. You need to be present and connected.

In essence, you just need to bring yourself to the session.  When you embark on your coaching journey with me we will define together the overarching outcome you are striving for. Every time we start a session I will ask you what you are hoping to gain by the end of that particular session so it’s a good idea to come up with some thoughts as to what your needs are, session by session. Your needs and goals can change during the coaching journey as you start to gain a better understanding of yourself and what you want.

Easy peasy you use the Calendly platform. You will receive a link to see my available slots, book one and then you will automatically receive the Zoom invite. We can also decide at the
end of our first session when to meet next.

To help people flourish.

When I will no longer be in this world I hope to have left it a bit brighter than when I arrived. I would like to do this through the positive impact I will have had on people’s lives through my coaching, my mentoring, my training, my parenting, my sisterhood, and my friendship.

My number one strength is LOVE. For me it is an expression of the care and passion we have inside of ourselves, that can at times struggle to shine through. That’s where I come in. I accompany you on different stretches of your journey, with the aim of having your heart reach its full potential.

The rainbow represents your true colours shining through and the heart is your true essence.

A positive leader is someone that leads by example, inspires, fosters collaboration, inclusivity , diversity, provides meaning and purpose, recognizes the potential of the people in their care and is an advocate in creating positive organisations and workplaces.

A positive organisations is a company, business, or a team that looks beyond just making a profit and has a holistic and integral approach to having a positive impact (on people, planet and profit)

I have a 60 and 90 minutes and a packge fee. If you come to me referred by someone you get a discount. If you refer someone to me that becomes a client you have a  discount. You can also have a discount if you buy a package of sessions. Pricing specifics is something I prefer to discuss during our free consultation.

Package sessions are usually sold in 10 sessions over a span of 12 weeks. If you pay upfront, you will get a discount. The number of sessions can also be customised based on your needs.

If you reschedule 48 hrs before your appointment there will be no charge. If however you need to reschedule less than 48 hours before the session it’s at my discretion to count it as a
consumed session.

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