Discover the magic within your story with “CV Revamp”. Dive deep into your values, skills, and purpose, weaving them into a CV that radiates authenticity. It’s more than just a document; it’s your journey. Let’s make it unforgettable!

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Discover your Values
  • Define your Core Skills
  • Showcase your Key Achievements
  • Articulate your Purpose
  • Check Point
  • Your Superpowers!
  • Craft your “About Me” Section
  • Craft your CV!
  • Design your Elevator Pitch
  • Write your Covering Letter
  • Wrap-up
Revamp your CV and pave your way to a new chapter of your life!

How does CV Revamp help?

CV Revamp is a self paced 12-lesson video series that will help you transform your CV and the way you see yourself! If you are wondering why you should enroll to CV Revamp, here’s why!

  • Unlock the secret sauce to crafting a CV that screams “hire me” and opens doors to exciting opportunities!
  • Wave goodbye to resumé woes as you discover the art of CV awesomeness, and have fun reconnecting with yourself
  • Say hello to a career glow-up with a revamped CV that showcases your purpose, talents, experience, and personality.
CV Revamp will help you bring out the authentic awesome you on your CV! What are you waiting for? Let’s start exploring TODAY!

What are people saying about CV Revamp?

CV Revamp

Revitalize your professional image!
  • Discover your values and purpose
  • Showcase your key achievements
  • Craft your new CV!
  • Design your Elevator Pitch & Covering Letter

The CV Bundle

CV Revamp + 1 x 90 Mins personalised / individual Coaching Session
  • Gain access to the CV Revamp Course!
  • Experience a full coaching session with Beatrice!