I’m a true Divergent. I combine the magic of Coaching, the power of Mentoring and the positivity of Chief Happiness Officer with the nuts and bolts of business and life.

The COVID lockdown was a real game changer for me. I soon realised that where I really wanted to dedicate my energy and skills was to support people to adapt, evolve and to flourish. It took me a while, and my journey has been anything but bumpless, but that’s the beauty of discovery, new insights and intentional change. I’m now 100% dedicated to supporting people like you, to gain better self awareness in order to make the necessary changes to live a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.

I now coach, mentor and advise diversely across the world: Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Physicians, Scientists, Patients, and Students. I facilitate positive leadership workshops, and work as faculty at leadership development courses, with a special focus on Soft-skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Culture.

About Beatrice - your #IAmRemarkable Facilitator
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My background

By the age of 21 I’d lived in 5 different countries and this has really impacted the way I see the world. It also gave me the privilege to grow up culturally intelligent (CQ). Working globally ever since has enriched that intelligence even more. I’m married and blessed with 2 spitfire children. I live in Milan with my family and my pet.

My core values

Love, Gratitude, Curiosity, Kindness and Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence.

Before coaching

I worked for 28 years in multinational corporations in the Pharmaceutical sector as a commercial leader, both industry and consulting side, here’s a few: MSD, Gilead Sciences, Rottapharm (now a Pfizer company), Schering-Plough, Grunenthal, IQVIA and Elma Research.

For my full history and credentials you can check me out on LinkedIn.
I have a Bachelor of Arts from King’s College, London University, and an MBA from SDA School of Management Bocconi in Milan. As a leader and a people person I’ve always enjoyed developing new skills and re-inventing myself in order to get closer and closer to my authentic self. I’m qualified with one of Europe’s top business schools INSEAD with their “Leading in a Transforming World” certification, a course that has proven extremely beneficial for Change Management, Design Thinking, and Strategy in this Digital Age. 

My purpose

Having worked in management and leadership roles in global companies I felt and saw the huge productivity gap between what people are giving of themselves and what they could give. I witnessed such wasted potential, such untapped reservoirs of talent. This insight had a huge impact on me and I have always tried my best to really tap into that potential. How? By leveraging positive psychology for people to feel valued, motivated, collaborative, productive, psychologically safe, happy, and be energetic team players. I have taken stock of the fact that helping people and work cultures flourish has become my raison d’être. Because of my experience in leadership, when needed, I go beyond coaching and adopt a more mentoring approach if that is what the client needs and wants. As a woman and a working mum I feel a calling in helping other women play bigger, by helping them reconnect to their purpose, and the unique gifts they bring into the game of life. I am like a seasoned seafarer who has crossed many seas and uses her experience to help others with their journey.


After coaching leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants and more, in 2023, I was recognized as one of the Top Coaches in Milan. Recently, I was also recognized as one of the Top 20 Leadership Coaches in the UK by the Coach Foundation

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