"The good life is a process, not a state of being.
It is a direction, not a destination."

Sometimes the hardest part of moving forward in your life is gathering the courage to get started.

Dr Sangha
Medical Director
Having Beatrice as my life coach has been a great move. She is inspirational and knowledgeable, she helped me through a period of indecision. She's been really easy to work with and has great active listening skills as well as a positive, experienced and dynamic outlook on life. I can fully recommend her as a coach.
Dr Bragonzi
Translational Scientist
Beatrice showed me the way to change and to set new goals with courage, enhancing my skills. Together we travelled towards the rediscovery of MY WHY and MY VOICE, tracing a path toward a project of strategic importance for my future professional development.
Francesca Sofia
General Manager Fondazione CDP
Beatrice is extremely non-judgemental. She has an ability to listen and empathize which is out of the ordinary whilst always remaining impartial and lucid in comparison to the coachee. She has a non-rigid yet structured and professional coaching style providing flexibility and, timely intervention. Beatrice for me is in every effect an "enabler".
Key Account Manager
From the first sessions with Beatrice I started to see things in a different way. You can consider Beatrice as that person who gives you a new pair of glasses that allow you to focus on what, until recently, you saw in a blurred way.
Renata Bertola
Sustainability Manager
Beatrice asked me some very targeted questions that stimulated deep reflection. Bea conveys a great sense of calmness because she listens with a lot of empathy.
Pharma Industry Manager
Beatrice has been able to help me understand myself better, to identify my true fears and to identify precise and achievable goals. With Beatrice I feel so great, she is a person who transmits positivity and energy. With her at my side I can achieve any goal.
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Feeling stuck

If you just feel stuck, like you keep hitting a rubber wall, feeling like you are not really progressing as you would like albeit knowing something needs to pivot, we can work on that together.

Feeling overwhelmed

The constant pressure, competition, long work hours, and family and friends’ demands and needs, can leave us feeling we are running on an empty tank and going around in circles. You will soon start to feel so much better.

Needing a confidence boost

If you want or need to boost your confidence look no further. We will unpick together what has led you to feel this way and look at re-building it up.

Transitional period

If you are in a period of your life of change, whether it be finishing a job, a relationship, a certification, starting a new role, or needing some outplacement you have come to the right place.

I'm an organization

If you are a Company owner or a Company/Team representative (CEO, GM, HR, Talent & Development, Business Unit Head, Start-up), this is the place for you.